Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Entry #26 - The Outdoor Type

"This isn't so bad. You said camping. I was thinking we were roughing it," (She) said.

"Um," (He) swallowed. "That camper belongs to our neighbor.
This is us."


(She) wondered if that bed & breakfast they passed had any vacancies.

"Is it really that bad?" (He) asked.

"I am so the outdoor type."(She) said. "I love not washing, sleeping on the ground, walking a half mile to the bathroom, killer insects, and campfire smoke in my bristles...love it." 


  1. That's a good looking tent, I hope it was a lovely camping trip for all. Great story again - always a surprise.

  2. Thank you for making me giggle here! Camping was so much fun, back when I was so much younger!!! Great one this week Heather!!!

  3. We actually did stay in that tent and it was great! This is not based on me or my husband. We both love camping and our daughter does too! Have a lovely summer (Oh! It's winter, isn't it Frances?! I forgot!)