Why am I doing this?

The idea was born on the elegant East Side of Providence somewhere in the year 2000. My would-be-husband and I had just moved into a regal two-family apartment that overlooked one of the many Brown University athletic fields. Our new residence was decadent--chandeliers, white tile bathroom with a vintage porcelain tub, the light switches were two little buttons you pressed, the floors were oak hardwoods and molding was mounted on molding mounted on molding. Decadent.

One morning as I looked around my charming bathroom I glanced at the pedestal sink with its claw handles. I sighed at the fortune that had landed me in that room with a wonderful person who both cared for and "got" me, slumbering peacefully in the adjacent bedroom. That's the first time I noticed the toothbrushes. They were looking at one another--adoringly. Go on and laugh, shrug, raise an eyebrow, whatever, but read on. 

The next morning I glanced at the sink and noticed the toothbrushes again. This time they were leaning against one another--spooning. Well, you know, as much as a toothbrush can spoon another toothbrush. I'm sorry but "toothing" or "brushing" just doesn't work. They were spooning! I'm serious. Serious enough to create a whole yearlong blog about the observations I have made in respect to the secret life of toothbrushes. You'll see. I dare you to look at your toothbrush the same way. Is (She) or (He) looking at their mate? Have they had a spat? Did they have a child in the form of a Hello Kitty (Girl) or Spiderman (Boy) toothbrush? Watch them. 

They have a story and every Tuesday for the next year I plan to document their behavior. Follow along or head on back to looking at pictures of cats. 
Like that's worth your time anymore than this kooky blog...

-Heather Rigney
observer of toothbrushes


  1. Oh Heather, I like your story a lot!
    You have a nice choice of words, I had fun reading it :-)
    My husband and I had a 2 year long toothbrush-art gooing on: we changed the pose of the toothbrushes all the time.. (I cant say it so clearly, sorry)
    So I can fully understand your choice of the toothbrushes ;-)
    I will follow the story.

    1. Yvonne,

      Thank you!
      I would love to hear more about your toothbrush art. It amazes me how "human" they can appear!

      I enjoy your zentangle art! Would it be okay to link to you?

      If someone else is reading this please check out Yvonne's year-long zentangle project. http://365freestylezentangles.blogspot.com/

      It is in Dutch, but you can run it through the google translator: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2F365freestylezentangles.blogspot.com%2F

  2. I´m so sorry Heather, I see your reply just now ;-S
    Yes of course you can link it to me.. and I´m delighted that you enjoy my freestyle zentangles so much :-)