Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Entry #24 - Bass Shop is Kicking

"There is a whale in the store," (She) said.

"I see it. How could I not see it? It doesn't even take up that much room..." (He) replied.

"It's looking right at us," (She) said nervously.

"It's not real," (He) replied.



"Are those bass real?" (She) asked.

(He) sighed. "They're catfish."

"Whatever. Real?"


"Really? In a store? Where the hell are we? It's like redneck Disney World in here."

"Hold me..." (She) said as she leaned in closer.

"Not. Real." (He) whispered in return.


  1. She has a good point!

    Heavy duty claws on that bear.

  2. Thanks ladies! I never noticed the claws...(shudder.) They are nasty looking!